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We know what it’s like to have something (or someone) you love and want to protect it. You want to know exactly where it is and exactly where it’s been at all times.

But conventional tracking systems out there have many problems:
1. Needlessly complicated to install
2. Needlessly complicated to use
3. Needlessly expensive for what it does

Finding you an easy GPS tracker kit is our only focus, and what we work hardest to achieve.

We can work together to solve this problem for you.

Pick an easy to use GPS tracker for your needs

Real-time mini GPS tracking device for vehicles, spouses, kids, valuables, or anything else.

With an incredible 2.5 week battery life, you’re covered.

Set it and forget it with 4G coverage. (No 4G around you? It defaults to the nationwide 2G network automatically.)

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Real-time mini GPS tracking device great for vehicles, assets, valuables, or anything else.

Extremely easy to charge. Very affordable monthly rates starting at 6.99/mo.

Absolutely insane battery life – up to 18 months on a single charge.

No satellite coverage? The built-in cell triangulation technology will find the device.

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