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GPS Tracker Plug and Play OBDII

Car Tracking Device

Never worry about your teen again.

Perfect for modern cars that you drive all the time.

Discreet and installs quickly into an OBDII port.

GPS Tracker for Custom Applications

GPS Tracker for Custom Applications

Perfect for everything else.

Installs in nearly anything, like a trailer, motorhome, hot rod, and even every day cars too.

Get everything you need to install and detailed step-by-step instructions (with gifs, even).

Computer Tablet Phone Tracking

Save Time, Brainpower, and Storage Space

Unlimited use of our easy-to-use tracking system. 
Know where it is right now on any device with one click. 
No downloads. 
No complicated fluff. 
60 second updates saved for a year. 
Go back in time using the time and date search.

Literally Zero Risk For You Guarantee

If your vehicle or trailer is stolen, insurance money is nice but you want back YOUR stuff.

Our premium system is meant to work and get back YOUR stuff right now. 

If our system can’t help recover your stolen vehicle or trailer, you get back all of the money you’ve ever given us and up to $500 towards your deductible. 


No other GPS tracking system will stand behind you like this. 

Police report and insurance claim required as proof. Tracker required to have been properly installed and fully operational leading to event. Contact us within 24 hours of the theft if you can’t get the tracker working so we can help.

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(We won’t give your information to anyone. Promise.)