About you

     You want a way to know where your car, trailer, RV, or anything is at any time.

     You want it in a no-effort no-hassle way, and you want it affordably.

     You want a company that has your back because they’re in the same boat you are.

     Your stuff is important, and if it’s stolen, you want it back. Insurance money would be nice, but it’s not the same.

     If you’re letting someone else drive your car, you want to know where it goes.

     It was a lot of work and money to get what you have, but it shouldn’t be a lot of work or money to keep it.

     You need GPS Tracking Made Easy. Let’s work together.


Our family

About us

     We are Jacob and Justina, regular married people with two kids and focused on making the most important thing about GPS systems as easy as possible: finding your stuff.

     We’ve created GPS Tracking Made Easy to solve the problem we had, and now we want to help you solve any problems you have.


Why we are in businessJacob and Justina with Racecar

     I’ve been an amateur drag racer my entire life, a love passed down by my dad. Of course, this hobby means a lot of money can get invested into racing, like a truck or motorhome, a trailer, and the pride and joy: the racecar itself. You can spend as much or as little as you want on a rig and racecar, but no matter how much is spent, you never want to see it stolen.

     My wife and I noticed many people posting to Facebook about how their rigs or racecar got stolen and after some research to prevent it with our stuff determined the process could use some simplification. Everything we saw was expensive or complicated and it doesn’t need to be, so we created GPS Tracking Made Easy with the motto: Easy to install, easy to use.

     And that’s what we’re trying to do.

     But you don’t have to be a racer to appreciate our tracking system. Our trackers can fit onto literally anything with 12 to 24 volt connections.

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