Subscriptions fees are required for any GPS tracking service to provide the data/text service as well as server fees for securely storing your location data.

     Some GPS devices, like the kind that gives directions or for hiking/geocaching, only receive GPS data from satellites and draw the information on a map of the world that is pre-loaded and saved on the device. Since “listening” to the GPS satellites is free for anyone thanks to our US military, these devices have no extra charges.

     For most tracking devices, 90% of received lat/long points are within 33 feet of the actual location, with max distance random point being about 85 feet away from the actual location. This is well within visual distance. This is as narrow a range as we can expect with GPS technology in general because of the numerous variables involved. The government advertised average in open sky is about 16 feet.

When shopping, be sure to pay attention especially to the monthly fees, any cancellation costs, if an app is included, any warranties, and reviews. 

Any tracker we list on our page means it has great reviews, great price, and great warranties. As an Amazon affiliate, all of your purchases are backed up by Amazons amazing service.

     Our goal is to provide affordable, easy to install and use tracking for the every day person. People with a classic car or trailer or RV they want to feel safe leaving out somewhere else, or for parents with new teen drivers, or for that independent business owner who has everything they own in their work van. We can think of many people who would benefit, but we are focused on helping the “little guy” secure his or her items in case of theft or for keeping tabs on a location.

     Securing your asset with a GPS device will offer you the best chance at recovering or tracking that asset. If a would-be thief or individual removes the device for instance, there isn’t much anybody can do if the device isn’t powered, apart from standard police theft reports. 
     It’s in your best interest to hide your device well.

    Your orders are done through Amazon, which means you have one of the best return policies in the world.

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