Magnetic Car Tracker

$69.00 + subscription

Know where your car (and whoever happens to be driving it) went with our deck-of-cards sized magnetic tracker. Installs in seconds and free shipping. Choose from monthly or save money with the annual subscription plan. It’s that easy.

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Introducing our Magnetic Car Tracker! We offer three different trackers to facilitate nearly any kind of installation, but this one is the easiest, without a doubt. 

It charges like a phone and lasts about 45 days or much longer, depending on how much you drive or move what its in. This is thanks to the battery-saving sleep feature. A text message will alert you to when the battery is low and needs charged.

Using this device looks like this:

  1. These are very powerful magnets that are good for sticking under or in any vehicle or trailer or motorhome/RV. Watch our 5 second installation video:
  2. One Click Find if you set up the tracking system according to our instructions.
  3. When the battery is low, get the warning text and recharge like a phone, then return to step one.

That’s it.


  • No stressing over wires with a simple magnetic installation
  • Recharge device how you’re used to with included USB cable
  • Don’t get caught with a dead tracker: low battery alert texts straight to your phone
  • Instant text reply with Google Maps link for location, current device speed, and battery remaining
  • Geo-fencing alarms (sends text if device is powered up and leaves your spot)
  • Waterproof

We’ve got your back:

  • All your money back + $100 money back theft guarantee
  • Two year hardware warranty: If it breaks, you get a new one free
  • 30 day no hassle refund
  • Lifetime product and system support via quick and and easy text or Facebook messenger, or call us

Technical stats:

  • Ideal environment: -4° to 131° F, 5-95% humidity non-condensing
  • Compatibility: USA
  • GPS Chip: UBLOX7020
  • Battery: lasts about 45 days with regular use (daily driver) or much longer on stationary item (auto-sleep function)
  • GPS sensitivity: High sensitivity (-159dB)
  • Accuracy: 90% reported within 33 feet radius, average meets industry standards
  • Timing accuracy: 1 microsecond (0.000001 sec) time synchronization to satellite time
  • Power up time: 60 seconds from completely dead to GPS lock