Magnetic Vehicle GPS Tracking Device

Hideable in 5 seconds anywhere (see video below), find it in 20 seconds using just one click!

Save Time, Brainpower, and Storage Space

No app downloads, no complicated fluff, and uses Google Maps.

Never worry again

My thing is racing. I’ve got a truck, trailer, and racecar. Pretty cool right? 

I got sick of seeing these posts about stolen things on Facebook and went searching for a GPS tracker for my own things, but I had a problem: everything I found out there was complicated and expensive. 

(Like what the heck is fleet tracking? I was thinking, “Will that work for me? Am I paying extra for stuff I don’t need?”)

So I took the risk for a while. 

Can’t happen to me, right?


I was banking on the only “benefit” to having a rusty truck and 20 year old trailer: hoping no one would want it, even for free. Unfortunately sometimes those are the easiest to steal, and there was still the issue of my car inside. I love that car.

(I probably should get insurance on my stuff too but that can be even more expensive. You mention “racing” to an insurance company and they freak out.)

Eventually I got older and wiser. I just kept seeing too many thefts and I wanted the solution. So I created one, and it was too good not to share with you: A GPS tracking system that’s easy to install and even easier to use. 

It will show you when and where your stuff is right now in as little as one click for as low as 41 cents a day. That’s some affordable peace of mind.

Think about it: if you got up and saw your car, truck, RV, or trailer gone, everything you’ve worked to build, everything you’ve invested time and money into, do you want to find a picture to post and hope people share it, maybe make a police report? 

Or do you want to save years of work in 20 seconds? Send the police straight to them! (How satisfying would that be?)

We created an easy-to-use tracking system so you can always know where your loved ones (or loved things) are.

I found peace of mind with a very simple and inexpensive GPS tracker from GPS Tracking Made Easy. Literally took me 15 minutes; most of which was figuring out where to put it. 

Professional Drag Racer

I have a lot of money and time invested in my setup to get it how I want it. If it were stolen, I’d like to get it back rather than try to replace it all. I’d rather have a chance of getting it back than going through that mess.

Engineer, customer

What do you want to protect?

View anywhere

Check on your teen, family member, whatever as much as you want from a phone or computer.

Saves your locations

When it’s on, it saves every 3-5 minutes. Review online going back at least a year.

Support for life

Problem installing? Problem logging in? Chat with a real person and get your answers.

Ridiculous guarantees

All money back and up to $500 for your deductible if our device can’t find your stuff. (Police and insurance reports required.)

Peace of mind now available for all

Magnetic Tracker

Stick it under stuff

Or even under the RV sink

Or get creative! Under the dash, wherever you want. Just avoid direct sunlight!

(Each location is different and depends on satellite and cell tower reception. Like any cell phone it works better the closer you are to civilization, but we’ll show you how to make sure your spot is okay!)

Get 2 months free by paying annually

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “A subscription?! What for?”

To store the locations, you’d either need an SD memory card to upload yourself (a thief isn’t going to help you out with that) or send the data over a cell network from anywhere, anytime (and store on our servers).

Pay month-to-month or pay the whole year and save. Starts as low as 41 cents a day.

You’re not alone with lifetime one-on-one service and support.

30 day 100% money back trial. After 30 days, subscription payments start.

Free shipping.

Holding the Magnetic Tracker


$69 for device today

Plus your pick:

  • Month-to-month $15/mo (49 cents/day)
  • Annually as $12.50/mo (41 cents/day)
(Subscription payments start after 30 day free trial. Cancel anytime.)