GPS Tracking Made Easy: Helping you to never worry again.

We give you EVERYTHING you need to easily recover your trailer if it’s stolen!

I found peace of mind with a very simple and inexpensive GPS tracker from GPS Tracking Made Easy. Literally took me 15 minutes; most of which was figuring out where to put it. 

The Eighth Mile Email

I have a lot of money and time invested in my setup to get it how I want it. If it were stolen, I’d like to get it back rather than try to replace it all. I’d rather have a chance of getting it back than going through that mess.

Engineer, drag racer

We give you EVERYTHING you need to easily recover your rig if it’s stolen!

By racers for racers

Jacob with GPS Tracking Made Easy here.

So I have a racecar that I love, right? This car was my first real racecar. It means a lot to me. 

My dad and I built it up over the last few years, and my wife and I even drove away in it at our wedding. 

She sure was beautiful that day (wife looked great too).

If somebody stole it, I’d want THAT car back. 

You see it all over Facebook. Stolen cars and trailers, “please share!” they say.

For me, just having insurance wasn’t good enough. A basic alarm system is almost useless anymore. And I really don’t want to beg for shares on Facebook.

I’ve worked hard for what I have. I’d want MY car back. 

When I looked at other GPS tracking systems, even as a “computer guy” they were hard to understand. I couldn’t tell what I’d need or how it worked. I wasn’t happy.

I created a way for people to do it themselves. Step-by-step guides on EXACTLY how to install these things, one-on-one support through email or chat, and a tracking page so easy my parents could use it. 

That was my goal.

Now we have it and I’m sharing it. We’ve got customers from all over the US. From racecar drivers to Realtors, what I’ve made is for everybody. Anybody can install it themselves (I’ll show you how step-by-step) and anybody can track their stuff (nothing to download or learn and locations saved for one year).

Now I never worry about my stuff again.

This tracker can be installed as a hardwire (in-line fuse included) or simply plug into the fuses under your dash (Standard & Mini Add-a-circuits included) to work for RVs, trailers, vans, cars, trucks, motorcycles… anything with a regular 12 volt battery.

Don't let that be you!

Probably Overkill Installation Kit

The Easy-To-Use System

Two ways to view where your things are quickly and easily. Nothing to download to your phone or computer. Log in from anywhere.

We’ll even show you how to set it up to get to your map with just a click.

Find device

Text-to-find available, too

Viewing via computer or smartphone is unlimited, but we also provide a private code you can text to get back a Google Maps link with latitude/longitude.

Easy GeoFencing

Set an acceptable radius to your “fence” and get a text the instant it crosses that line with a signal.

We give you EVERYTHING you need to easily recover your trailer if it’s stolen!