"Not a computer person" approved

When building our tracking system for your trailer, rv, boat, or car, we paid extra special attention to making it as quick and easy to use as possible, especially for mobile.

Because think about it: if you notice your stuff is missing (or even if you’re just curious), it’s annoying to spend all that time getting to a computer and loading up some complicated program. You’re wasting time. 

With us, just pull out your phone whenever you want and get the map with one click.

Save Time

We’ll show you how to set up finding your map with just one click, even on smartphones!

Save Brainpower

Nothing to learn, no weird computer programs to memorize.

Save Storage

Nothing to download or install to your phone or computer.

Find device

Text-to-find available, too

Viewing via computer or smartphone is unlimited, but we also provide a private code you can text to get back a Google Maps link with latitude/longitude (ten texts per month limit, contact us to increase this limit).

Easy GeoFencing

Set an acceptable radius to your “fence” and get a text the instant it crosses that line with a signal.

A shortcut to peace of mind

1. Your browser’s settings

2. Rename to anything

3. Use shortcut