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Protect your investments and feel better immediately

Our easy to install GPS Tracker for Custom Applications is exactly what you need to protect anything from your classic car to trailer to RV to work vehicle and beyond.

We’ve got easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and pictures so anyone can install.

Our excellent 1 year warranty and lifetime personalized support means with GPS Tracking Made Easy you’re never alone, and neither is your property. 

GPS tracking systems don’t need to be complicated or expensive.

You’re in the right place.

Our Money Back Guarantee

If your item is stolen and our tracker can’t help recover it, you get back all of your money and up to $100 towards your deductible. Seriously.

This kind of guarantee is not available with any other GPS tracking system. 

Must provide valid proof with a police report and insurance claim.

What do you have that you'd want back?

Modern car
Muscle Car
Work Van

(This one kit can work with ALL these out of the box!)

Easy to install, Easy to use

Online tracking system works on computer, tablets, or mobile. Nothing to download or install!

Everything needed for installation is included: in-line fuse holder, Add-a-circuits, fuses, zip ties, electrical tape, and more!

See where your device is now and look up where it was in the past.

Excellent lifetime personalized support!

One year device hardware warranty. If it stops working, you get a new one.

Waterproof device allows for more mounting options with less worry.

What it is

You want a device that is flexible and works in nearly anything? Keep reading.

You want a system that doesn’t sacrifice being easy to use for that flexibility? Keep reading.

You want an install process that’s also ridiculously easy? (Yes, YOU can do it too.)

You want a business working hard to make your work easy?

We have what you want.

Probably Overkill Installation Kit

And introducing our 

Probably Overkill Installation Kit

With every device we also provide the means for you to install this device into just about anything. 

> An in-line fuse holder for hard-wiring into a system

> A mini AND standard Add-A-Circuit to easily plug into an under-the-dash fuse box

> Easy-to-use plugs pre-installed on the wires so you can choose how to use, even if you change your mind later!

(And we show you exactly how to do it all step-by-step)

> Plus a free roll of electrical tape, because everyone loves electrical tape.

How it works

map page

Use our web app for finding your device and going back in time to see where it’s been.

Nothing to install.
No tricky downloads.
No extra fees.
Easy to use buttons.
Supports multiple devices.

This gives you the most important information quickly and easily.

Tracking software compare

Don’t waste time and energy trying to figure out how to use complicated “fleet tracking” software and maps. 

We can show you how to look at your map in just one click!

Why buy now?

Other GPS tracking systems will charge you $99, $150, or we’ve even seen a $179 GPS tracker!

There’s a better way.

$69 one time with all installation items in the kit plus free one-year hardware warranty for active subscriptions.

So if it stops working, you get another one FREE for two years after purchase.

Free shipping, lifetime support, and our Money Back + $100 Guarantee

Simple, reliable, affordable protection

Some companies charge a set-up fee (we don’t) or try to trick you with a cheap device but expensive monthly costs (we don’t).

Upfront pricing for affordable service.

You won’t find these prices anywhere else.

Pay annually and get two months free.


$69 device then month-to-month

  • FREE first 30 days
  • Personalized support
  • Recovery support
  • Price lock for 2 years
  • Updates every 60 sec when powered
  • Free access to online tracking


$69 device then billed annually

$12.50 /month
  • FREE first 30 days
  • Personalized support
  • Recovery support
  • Price lock for 2 years
  • Updates every 60 sec when powered
  • Free access to online tracking