GPS Tracker for Custom Applications

From $15.00 / month

Let us help you protect your baby: classic car, trailer, RV, daily driver, motorcycle, the list goes on. Red wire to power, black wire to ground. Everything included to mount with the easiest to understand customized instructions for you and free shipping. Choose from monthly or annual required subscription plans to save money. It’s that easy.

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I found peace of mind with a very simple and inexpensive GPS tracker from GPS Tracking Made Easy. Literally took me 15 minutes; most of which was figuring out where to put it.
Luke Bogacki,
The Eighth Mile Email, June 6, 2018

The GPS Tracker for Custom Applications is extremely simple and user friendly for the DIY types: you only need to find power and ground.

This means you can track anything* and know where your item is.

We send you the device with an in-line fuse holder (for splicing directly into a power source and ground) and with mini and standard “Add-a-circuit” (for putting device on an accessory circuit in the fuse box of your car, truck, van, RV, trailer, motorcycle, anything, any year) so you can always decide how you want to use your device.

See below for what else is included.

For best results with a trailer and to avoid a very bad day, you should wire to the batteries and plug in to shore power when parked. Or disconnect from power source (such as unplugging the trailer from the tow vehicle or use a battery isolator solenoid, sold here).

For cars/trucks/RVs/etc use the included Add-a-circuit on an ignition circuit.?

What this means in plain English: Tell us your plans at checkout and exact vehicle or item to receive custom installation instructions tailored to your situation, as well as any one-on-one installation chat help you need. Let us help you.

Included with this GPS tracker is our complete Probably Overkill Installation Kit for FREE:

  • One in-line fuse holder (for hardwiring)
  • One mini fuse Add-a-circuit (for most modern vehicles)
  • One standard fuse Add-a-circuit
  • Fuses
  • Wire terminals pre-installed and a spare set
  • Self-drilling screw
  • Shrink tubing
  • Zip ties
  • Full roll of electrical tape
  • Double sided tape
  • Instructions/diagrams


  • Two year hardware warranty. If it stops working, you get another one free.
  • 30 day no-hassle full refund. Return the device within 30 days of receiving if it’s not for you to receive a 100% refund. We’ll even pay for shipping.
  • Our Money Back + up to $100 Warranty. If your vehicle is stolen with one of our trackers and we can’t recover it, you can get back all of your money and up to $100 cash. Details here.


  • Built in battery for 1 hour of additional reporting with power removed
  • Unlimited access to our online tracking system (computer, tablet, and phone compatible)
  • Geo-fencing alarms (sends text if device is powered up and leaves your spot)
  • Waterproof

Technical stats:

  • Ideal environment: -4? to 131? F, 5-95% humidity non-condensing
  • Compatibility:?USA. Worldwide with proper SIM card (GSM Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz)
  • GPS Chip: UBLOX7020
  • Battery: Provides 1 hour additional run time (180 mAh built in battery)
  • GPS sensitivity:?High sensitivity (-159dB)
  • Accuracy:?90% reported within 33 feet radius, average meets industry standards
  • Timing accuracy: 1 microsecond (0.000001 sec) time synchronization to satellite time
  • Power up time: 60 seconds from plugging in to GPS lock

*with a 9 to 24v DC battery

Special note on signal and reception:

These devices depend on cell service to send the data back to your map. Note that some areas, just like with cell phones, come in and out with pockets of bad cell service. Even though we’ve paired with the leading IoT service provider in the United States, this could mean no location data through certain areas with weak service. This is normal. Like cell phones, signal is strongest near all Interstates and in towns or cities.