We Accept Crypto Payments

     We accept the ol’ US Dollar of course, via credit card, but we also accept cryptocurrencies, a form of digital payment. You might’ve heard about Bitcoin on the news, but there are many other kinds out there as well that are just as (or more) efficient at paying over the Internet. Some of these are harder to “find” and manage but we’ve tried to allow payments in various popular cryptos.

     Add anything to your cart you like and when you go to pay, simply select the button beside BrainBlocks (to pay with XRB) or CoinPayments (to pay with any of the others listed) and follow the instructions. We will be notified of your payment, and when it’s been confirmed by the network the screen will change to say you’ve paid. The payment gateway allows for 60 minutes to confirm.
     Of course this requires that you have access to the coin or token you wish to use. If you are interested in cryptocurrency but don’t have any and want to get some, feel free to contact us about that, too.

     Unfortunately, no. When you pay with crypto, you will only pay for a single payment or cycle at a time. If you don’t want to be bothered every month, you might choose semi-annual or annual.
     So for instance, your first payment will be the cost of the device itself. Then because of our 30 day free trial, you will get an invoice a few days beforehand to pay for the start of the subscription for however long you’d picked. Then, when that one is about to expire, you’ll have to pay again for the next billing cycle, and so on. (Such is the price of adoption. Write us to change methods at any time.) You should receive an email or two as a reminder with instructions before each cycle ends.
     To have automatic recurring billing, for now you must use your credit card with the Stripe payment option.

We take the following coins:

XRB – Nano/RaiBlocks
ETH – Ethereum
LTC – Litecoin
BTC – Bitcoin
BCH – Bitcoin Cash
XMR – Monero
DOGE – Dogecoin
DASH – Dash
NAV – NavCoin
VTC – Vertcoin

     Everyone loves having a choice, and having a choice in how our customers pay is valuable to us. To discuss other payment methods not currently accepted (such as in pounds of bacon or in weeks of lawn care), write us!

We want to help! Contact us here.

Great! We have a special page for crypto users here or visit the shop.