A way to HOPE your garage is empty, just so you can go find the guy that took your stuff*

*We do not outright condone street justice, however we do admit that it has its place.

Please notify police instead.

Skip the mess of insurance claims and police reports

I remember one time my dad had gone out to the garage where he kept his 1970 Coronet R/T. Someone had broken in and taken all the parts lying around the car. Intakes and all sorts of stuff were gone.

The car was still there, thankfully, but had it not been raised on jacks with the wheels off, it’s hard telling what they could’ve done with it.

Now that was a rare car so finding it maybe could’ve been easier than if it were some mid ’00’s Civic. 

But it was a real wake up call. I wanted a way to keep track of my stuff at all times, so I made a system that means you’d never have to think about it again.

And if anyone ever tells me they don’t daydream about rolling up to to the guy that took your stuff with a couple police cars in tow after you found them in 20 seconds I’m going to call them a liar. Or if you didn’t, you’re going to now.

1. You see your stuff is missing

“Oh that’s a bummer” etc

2. Pull out phone, click once, see map

“Ah, there it is.”

3. Call for backup

The police, remember. Call the police.

4. Still enjoy your weekend

The ultimate reward.

About us

We’re drag racers who wanted to protect our own stuff, but didn’t like how complicated the conventional systems were.

Our mission

To create a GPS tracking system for the regular guy and make it easy enough that anybody could use it.

What we offer